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Nástenka mysticmaddia




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  •   mysticmaddia pred 11 hodinami

    Please leave feedback here after a private reading. Namaste

  •   blackroseblade1 pred 2 mesiacmi

    she is highly accurate and very freindly

  •   shaneka1992 pred 4 mesiacmi

    Beautiful spirit and so welcoming.

  •   davelin pred 7 mesiacmi

    very nice reading... connected with my energy well

  •   Your Support Team pred 8 mesiacmi

    Your Support Team Vám praje šťastné narodeniny!

  •   star52484 pred 9 mesiacmi

    great reading. she picked up very well on the person i was doing my reading on. she is truly a blessing

  •   Vitalie pred 10 mesiacmi

    MM, Patient, humble, compassionate, humorous. Respectfully listened to my problem, was open to taking me seriously. Was able to get to heart of issue through combining her gifts of her deep spiritual connection to the Archangels with pragmatic, sound insights. Led me through an effective guided meditation together in support of renewing my own physical and spiritual self healing and vitality

  •   tammyo92 pred 1 rokom

    Amazing reading.

  •   Mark5565 pred 1 rokom

    Thanks Maddia for allowing me to see you today and talk. It's nice to hear from you. Thanks as well for your healing session regarding our friend.. You are so great and kind. :) xx

  •   taurusinsane pred 1 rokom

    She is very very good!

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